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Cost-effective and Reliable Mail Server Solution deployment – Zimbra with mail Archiving

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Service Description

Savazar offers a comprehensive service to deploy a secure and compliant mail server solution using the open-source Zimbra platform, coupled with a custom-built mail archiving solution. Our experts will handle the entire setup and configuration process, ensuring a robust and scalable email infrastructure tailored to your organization’s needs.

We will install and configure the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, a feature-rich email server that provides enterprise-grade capabilities, including calendaring, contacts management, and document sharing. Zimbra’s open-source nature ensures transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.Additionally, Savazar will develop and integrate a custom mail archiving solution designed to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements. This solution will provide a secure and tamper-proof repository for all incoming and outgoing emails, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail for legal and compliance purpose.

Our service includes comprehensive testing and validation to ensure the mail server and archiving solution function seamlessly across all integrated systems. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your email infrastructure remains up-to-date with the latest security patches and compliance regulations.

By partnering with Savazar, you can leverage the benefits of the open-source Zimbra platform while enhancing your organization’s compliance posture and ensuring adherence to industry regulations. Our custom mail archiving solution provides a secure and auditable record of all email communications, mitigating legal risks and facilitating compliance audits.

What is Custom-build mail archiving solution ?

Savazar offers a custom-built mail archiving solution designed to complement their deployment of the open-source Zimbra mail server. This solution is tailored to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements, providing a secure and tamper-proof repository for all email communications.

The custom mail archiving solution automatically stores immutable copies of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email messages, along with their metadata and attachments. This ensures that emails are preserved in a secure database, which can be easily searched and retrieved when needed. The solution is particularly beneficial for organizations in regulated industries such as healthcare, legal services, and government sectors, where maintaining a comprehensive audit trail is crucial for compliance and legal purposes.

Savazar’s service includes the integration of this archiving solution with the Zimbra platform, ensuring seamless operation and minimal disruption to existing workflows. The archiving system provides a centralized, searchable dashboard, allowing users to access historical email data efficiently. This setup not only helps in maintaining business continuity but also supports internal auditing processes and compliance with data protection regulations. By leveraging Savazar’s expertise, organizations can enhance their email infrastructure with a robust archiving solution that ensures data integrity, security, and compliance, while also benefiting from the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of open-source technologies

What is covered in the base price ?

The base price covers the initial engagement and consulting charges. Savazar expert team will setup sessions with the Client IT/Infrastructure team to gather the details of the current environment and define the project plan and actions to complete the service project.

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