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Deliver Online presence for Restaurants and Hotels – Improve revenues and profit

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Savazar Connect revolutionizes the hospitality industry by creating an unparalleled online presence for restaurants and hotels. The solution can also be deployed for bars, pubs and event management services. Our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Here’s how:

  1. Seamless Appointments: Guests can effortlessly schedule reservations, spa treatments, or event bookings through our intuitive platform.
  2. Efficient E-Commerce: Boost revenue with integrated e-commerce features. Sell merchandise, gift cards, and experiences directly from your website.
  3. Streamlined Ordering and Delivery: Enable online food and beverage ordering, ensuring a smooth experience for dine-in, takeout, or delivery.
  4. Mobile Apps: Custom-branded mobile apps enhance guest engagement, loyalty, and convenience.
  5. Secure Payment and Billing: Safeguard transactions with robust payment gateways and automated billing processes.
  6. Real-Time Notifications: Keep guests informed about promotions, events, and special offers via SMS or email.
  7. Responsive Web Design: Our visually appealing, mobile-friendly websites captivate visitors, driving conversions.
  8. 24/7 Accessibility: Savazar Connect ensures your business is open around the clock, transcending geographical boundaries.

Elevate your brand, engage customers, and optimize operations with Savazar Connect—the ultimate hospitality companion! 🌟

What is covered in the base price ?

The base price covers the initial engagement and consulting charges. Savazar expert team will setup sessions with the Client IT/Infrastructure team to gather the details of the current environment and define the project plan and actions to complete the service project.

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