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Fast, Cheap and Reliable Installation All in One AI Appliance Infraserver

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Service Description

Infraserver: Streamlining IT Infrastructure

Introducing Infraserver, a comprehensive All in One AI Appliance Infraserver, a smart server solution designed to simplify and centralize your organization’s IT infrastructure. Our service offers seamless installation and deployment of this cutting-edge platform, providing a one-stop solution for all your server needs.

Infraserver consolidates essential services into a single, powerful system, including an Authentication Server for secure access control, a Mail Server for efficient communication, a Virtualization Server for optimized resource utilization, a Chat Server for real-time collaboration, a VPN Server for secure remote access, and a Storage Server for reliable data management.

Our expert team will handle the entire process, ensuring a smooth transition to Infraserver. From initial consultation and planning to installation, configuration, and ongoing support, we prioritize minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With Infraserver, you’ll enjoy a streamlined IT infrastructure, enhanced security, and improved operational efficiency, empowering your organization to thrive in the digital age.

What is Infraserver ?

InfraServer is an All In One Server - covering all the important Servers that are required to drive an Organization for Profitability.

Every Organization needs certain Servers Authentication Server, Mail Server,Virtualization Server, Chat Server, VPN Server (Work From Home), Storage Server etc., All these features are included in InfraServer and more Servers which will enhance the Productivity of the Organization are also included

Depending on the size of the Organization, we have classified InfraServer into 4 Editions --- Essential (Upto 50 users) --- Advanced (Upto 150 users) --- Premium (Upto 250 users) --- Custom (Choose your Servers)

InfraServer will be offered as both On-Premises as well as SaaS based Service. Organization can choose

We can provide the Physical Server, in case you would like to install InfraServer On-Premises and if your hardware matches the required configuration, we can implement on your Servers.

By default, it comes with 1 year support both for Hardware and Software and you can opt for 3 years or 5 years support also

IS (Essential) : Tower Model Server with Intel Xeon E2224G 4cores/64GB RAM/3x4TB Enterprise grade SATA HDD

Rack Mountable Server with 2 x Intel Xeon Scalable Bronze 3106 8 Cores (16Cores & 16 Threads)/256GB RAM/ 2x240GB SSD for Hypervisor / 3 x 2.4TB SAS 10K RPM / 3 x 8TB SATA/ RPS

Rack Mountable Server with 2 x Intel Xeon Scalable Silver 4216 16 Cores (32 Cores & 64 Threads)/512GB RAM/ 2x240GB SSD for Hypervisor / 3 x 2.4TB SAS 10K RPM / 3 x 12TB SATA/ RPS/2x10GbE NICs

The base price covers the initial engagement and consulting charges. Savazar expert team will setup sessions with the Client IT/Infrastructure team to gather the details of the current environment and define the project plan and actions to complete the service project.

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