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AI Business Analyst


NetTrue Energy & Utilities Inc.,

$250.00 - $270.00 / week
Application ends: November 1, 2029
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Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    November 11, 2022
  • Offered Salary
    $250.00 - $270.00 / week
  • Expiration date
    November 1, 2029
  • Experience
    3 Year
  • Qualification
  • Career Level
    Officer, Others

Job Description

An AI Business Analyst is a professional who bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI technology and business objectives. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Conducting detailed data analysis to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and drive business intelligence using AI/machine learning techniques
  • Developing and refining AI models and algorithms tailored to specific business needs
  • Translating complex technical concepts into actionable insights for stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making
  • Applying a strategic lens to AI initiatives, ensuring alignment with business goals and market viability
  • Identifying opportunities for process improvements by facilitating the adoption of AI solutions to enhance efficiency
  • Overseeing AI projects from inception to completion, combining project management skills with technical expertise
  • Continuously learning and staying updated on the latest AI developments and industry-specific applications

The role requires a unique combination of skills, including:

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities to make sense of complex data
  • Technical proficiency in programming languages (Python, R), data visualization tools, and AI technologies
  • Deep understanding of the industry and business domain to prioritize AI initiatives
  • Excellent communication skills to bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders

As AI continues to transform businesses, the demand for AI Business Analysts is surging across various sectors. They play a crucial role in leveraging AI to drive innovation, strategic decision-making, and competitive advantage.The future of business analysis is intertwined with AI, with analysts transitioning from data analysts to data strategists, navigating ethical challenges, and collaborating closely with data scientists and AI engineers. Continuous learning and skill development are essential to remain relevant in this rapidly evolving field.